Sengkang is a popular suburb of Singapore when it comes to residential spaces. This neighborhood is located on the north-eastern part of Singapore and has excellent connectivity to take you to any part of Singapore with relative ease. It also abounds with many amenities and facilities that make it convenient to live here.

Some reasons why you should move to a house or apartment in Sengkang are:

Easy Accessibility

One of the salient aspects of Sengkang is its well-developed public transport system. Both the Northeast MRT line and the Sengkang LRT line run through Sengkang, thereby making it ideal for anyone employed in the downtown area. Also, the Sengkang MRT station and the Sengkang Bus Interchange Center provide more transport choices for the residents of Sengkang. Further, the Tampines Expressway (TPE) and the Central Express Way (CTE) provide good connectivity to those who own private vehicles. For this reason, Sengkang is an excellent choice because you can work in the downtown area, but stay in the less crowded suburb and yet be only minutes away from work.

Abundant School Choices

If you have kids, then buying or renting a home in Sengkang would be a good choice as this place abounds with many excellent schools. Some of your options include Sengkanh Primary School, Pei Hwa Secondary School, Sengkang Secondary School and North Vista Primary School. These schools offer good quality of education for kids of varying ages.

Recreational Attractions

The area surrounding Sengkang is filled with many recreational activities that residents can enjoy all through the year. For natural lovers, the Punggol Reservoir is a good place. Here, you can walk through greenery or just in take the calm and peaceful atmosphere. You can also find the largest mad-made floating wetland in this reservoir. If you love art, then the Sengkang Sculpture Park can entertain you for hours on end. Its many pieces of art can take you to a different world.

There are abundant things to do for sports fanatics too. The Sengkang Hockey Stadium is a popular venue for local, national and international tournaments. Other than this stadium, you can head out to the Sengkang Main Grandstand, Sengkang sports and recreation complex and the Sengkang neighborhood park to get your daily dose of fitness. If you are in the mood for a swim, visit the Sengkang swimming complex that also holds classes for swimmers of all levels. Kite flying activities that take place here bring family members and residents together. All these activities ensure that you get to unwind after a day’s work by spending some quality time with your family and friends.



One of the best parts about Sengkang is that the shopping areas are not that far away too. You can shop all that you want at the Compass Point Shopping Center or the Seletar Mall on the west side of Sengkang. This latter mall is one of the largest in this part of the city as it comes with six levels of retail spaces and three levels of parking. With cinema halls, food courts, fitness centers and more than 284,000 square feet of retail space, you can find anything and everything here.

In short, Sengkang offers excellent residential, commercial and shopping areas and this makes it a popular choice among many residents. Large apartment complexes and condos abound in this area, so residents have plenty of options to choose from. Good quality schools, proximity to business and commercial districts and ample recreation activities are sure to give you and your family an excellent quality of life.

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