Pasir Ris

If you love beaches and beach-front properties, then the Pasir Ris neighborhood of Singapore is the right place for you. Located on the east coast of Singapore, Pasir Ris has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods for people of all ages because of the many amenities surrounding it.


Pasir Ris is well-connected to other parts of Singapore as the green line service of the SMRT plies through it. Road connectivity is excellent too, as residents can take either the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) or the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) to commute. Due to this well-developed public transport system, travelling is relatively stress-free.

Top Schools and Universities

Pasir Ris is home to some of the best schools and universities in Singapore. A highlighting aspect is the popular Pasir Ris library when people throng all day to enhance their skills and knowledge. This educational aspect makes Pasir Ris the right place to raise a family.


Plenty of recreational choices galore at Pasir Ris. The East Coast Park is a good venue for those who love cycling, natural sceneries, beaches and BBQ. Also, most concert venues in Singapore such as Kallang Theater and Esplanade are located close to Pasir Ris. For foodies too, the dining options are varied and extensive in this part of the city. The inline skating areas in Pasir Ris make it a great after-school activity for children and a fantastic family time over the weekends. Besides these activities, there are also many shopping choices such as Loyang Point, Elias Mall, Pasir Ris West Plaza and the E-Hub shopping mall. To make the most of these recreational choices, many people are increasingly moving to live in Pasir Ris.


Pasir Ris reflects the multi-ethnic fabric of Singapore as it is home to Buddhist temples, Catholic churches, mosques and protestant churches. Besides these places of worship, there are also many community centers such as Pasir Ris East CC that are involved in community and social service.

Green Living

Green living is catching on in a big way world over, and Pasir Ris is no exception. In fact, the natural scenery and green surroundings have made it easier for the residents of Pasir Ris to have a close relationship with nature. The Pasir Ris park, a part of the Nature Reserves of Singapore, is a great place for people to be in closer touch with nature. There are also many resorts such as the Costa Sands Resort that offer plenty of avenues for people to practice a green way of life.


A unique aspect of Pasir Ris and other neighborhoods on the eastern part of the city is the presence of chalets. These are charming quaint homes made of wood, and they offer the highest degree of privacy to its residents. While the western parts of Singapore have more apartments, these eastern neighborhoods abound with chalets, and this is another reason for people to move here.

Frequent Travelers

For frequent travellers, Pasir Ris is good place to rent or buy a home because it is closer to the airport than many of the western suburbs. The pain of travelling long distances and the high cost of transportation make Pasir Ris a desirable place for those when tend to travel out of Singapore often.

For these above reasons, Pasir Ris is becoming a popular choice for living. No wonder there are many rental choices growing in this area that range from chalets to studio apartments and everything in between. Whether you want to rent or own a place, this neighborhood has everything you need for a happy and healthy living.

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Photo credits: Pasir Ris Park by Jan – used under CC BY