Buona Vista

Often referenced as a town, Buona Vista District is located at the South West Region of Singapore. It is only 8 kilometers away from Singapur, and is considered an education, science and technology hub. The district has been originally named Buona Vista in Italian, which translates to ‘’good sight’’, and is named so owing to the outstanding views it offers.

The ministry of education, Biopolis and Fusionopolis, are key to the district’s development, fuelling businesses by collaborating with the private sector, ultimately stimulating regional enhancement. Due to its’ close proximity to the capital and significant investments, Buona Vista is expected to undergo significant development in the coming years.

A detailed look

A large mall complex has been recently completed at the heart of Buona Vista District with a unique positioning by integrating the transportation lines into The Star Vista. The mall takes advantage of a direct link to Buona Vista MRT interchange station by providing easy access to the East West Line and Circle Line. Star Vista is teemed with a wide range of restaurants, shopping malls, accompanied by a 5000 seat auditorium, the largest in Singapore.

Buona Vista’s state of the art science and technology related buildings, malls and business, office space sky scrapers, are cleverly integrated with Buona Vista’s historical buildings. Adam Park Guild House, Fort Pasie Panjang, Poh Ern Shih Temple are remnants of Buona Vista’s rich history.

Business hub and sublet heaven

The district is home to many expatriates, business professionals as well as students who are attracted by the opportunities in Buona Vista. The housing options are equally varied, ranging from condos in relatively old apartment buildings, colonial black and white houses in Rochester Park, to newer HDB developments.

The Buona Vista offers plenty of sublets and a wide range of rooms for rent are available. If you are looking to rent a room in this vibrant district that prides itself to be a leading business and science hub of Singapore, the sublet prices start from $400 for the smallest room available for rent. Even though rental costs are not as high as a few other districts, renting a room instead of renting an entire HDB is a viable option.

For those who are looking to rent an entire HDB, it might be advantageous to bring in a flat mate to reduce the costs. It is important to note that most HDB flats contain more than 3 bedrooms. If you are a couple or a family with 1 or 2 children, in most cases the all the rooms may not be used efficiently. If you think this is the case, you should consider using our website to list your HDB flat for roommates looking for a room. The median price to rent a 3-bedroom HDB in Buona Vista is around $2200. Based on laws and HDB regulations, only 1 room can be sublet in a 3-bedroom HDB. The average price to sublet such property is more than $800. This still puts you in a good financial position and enables you to make use of otherwise idle space. Generally, renting a condo is more expensive in Buona Vista and in Singapore overall. We recommend considering the option of either subletting or looking for sublets no matter what property type you seek.

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