Being located in Central North area, Bishan provides its’ residents easy commute to all districts in Singapore and due to this strategic position, has undergone significant residential development over the years. For those who would like to live close to literally everything with a multitude of high quality residence options to choose from such as condos, apartments, shared properties and HDB, Bishan has it all.

Join the fun!!!

The district is approximately 3 by 3 kilometers in size with Bishan park spanning nearly the entire length with about 2.8 kilometers. It is a large park comparative to the districts size, and one of the largest in Singapore. Whether it be a nice morning walk, or a wide range of activities such as cycling, running or relaxing in the spa, the park completes Bishan into not only a leading residential district but one filled with greenery. Do not forget to bring your little ones too!!!

The Junction 8 shopping centre more than fulfills your needs with its various shops and restaurants. Just for an increase of appetite, Din Tai Fung, one of the top 10 restaurants in the world by New York Times’ ratings, is comfortably located in this large complex. There is nothing like a good movie at GV Bishan movie theatre, after that tasty meal you just had.

Before we forget, Bishan North Shopping Mall and Thompson Plaza completes the circle by offering day to day products and more variety.

Home, Sweet Home

No matter the trend in housing prices, HDB flats remain to be a popular choice among Singapore residents. HDB properties, containing at least 3 rooms, can be sublet starting from 1 room to a 3 rooms HDB. This offers a significant advantage both for the tenant and for the flat mate, because It would allow for the reduction of rental costs.

Most HDB properties in Bishan offer spacious living areas, some of them are built differently to offer various themes if you are looking for customized HDB properties. HDB development is dense mainly in the central area of Bishan within a short walking distance to Bishan MRT. Therefore, It is not surprising to see higher rental costs for HDB properties in Bishan comparative to other options namely, condos and apartments. However, owing to individual room rents, this added cost can easily be offset.

This takes us from the renters’ perspective towards the landlords’. Overall, the HDB prices in Singapore is on a down trend; however, it is interesting to note that Bishan actually resisted this trend with an average of 3% increment in prices. For property buyers, HDB in Bishan might still be a good investment.

Due to its’ central location and the details discussed Bishan remains to be a popular district. Owing to this as well as the abundance of shared properties, Bishan’s property market offers many opportunities for both its’ investors and tenants.

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Photo credits: Bishan Library, Singapore by Ellen Forsyth – used under CC BY