Jurong West

Jurong West is a popular neighborhood of Singapore that offers an excellent standard of living. Located on the far west side, this neighborhood has the second largest population in Singapore. The reason for its popularity stems from the fact that it is away from the hustle and bustle of the main shopping belt, yet has many activities for its residents.

There are also plenty of entertainment avenues and housing options in this neighborhood. You get to choose from HDB flats, condos, apartments and more if you decide to live here.

Ample Entertain Options

The Jurong Bird Park is the most famous landmark in not only in Jurong, but in the whole of Singapore. In fact, this is a must-see place for every person who visits Singapore. This bird park is the second largest in the world and houses more than 600 different species of birds. A water playground, 30-meter waterfall and the monorail that takes visitors around the park are added attractions.

For the residents of Jurong West, this park is only a few minutes away and provides hours of recreation for all ages. You will never get tired of visiting this place, and its proximity makes it all the more reason to come here more frequently.

Another prominent landmark is the Singapore Discovery Center that houses many interactive and educative exhibits for the young and old. Digital dance studio, Crisis Simulation Tap and the Shooting Gallery at this center attract thousands of people every year. As a resident, you can enjoy all that this place has to offer, more often than others who have to travel to get here.

Besides these prominent landmarks, there are also many parks here that give its residents a chance to bond with nature and to get some physical activity.

Shopping and Dining

The many shopping and dining choices available in Jurong West add to its popularity. The Jurong West Avenue 1 has many shops and eateries that suit the palate of different people. Within a short walking distance from this place, there are as many 15 coffee shops, two malls, three super markets and more. This means you can walk around this block for all your shopping and dining needs.

If you are a foodie, then Jurong West Food Center is the place for you. Known as the best hawker center of Singapore, the many restaurants and cafes here offer a delectable choice of foods. You can even sample different cuisines from each of these shops. Chicken Claypot rice, Hai Nanyang Curry, Char Kway Teow, fish ball noodles and Oyster Omelette are some crowd favorites here.

Good Educational Schools

It is a good idea to buy or rent a property in Jurong West as there are many excellent educational facilities in this area. There are two popular primary schools, a junior college and a few well-known secondary schools in this neighborhood.

Easy Transport

Since Jurong West is a tourist hub, it is well-connected by public transport to make it convenient for travelers to get to the Jurong Bird Park. This aspect is a boon for its residents as they can get to any part of Singapore easily. The Chinese Garden MRT stations, ten different bus routes that connect Jurong West with all the other parts of Singapore and the many expressways running through it give you multiple options to move around Singapore. This neighborhood also has the highest density of taxis, and this adds to your commuting choices.

In short, Jurong West is one of the most happening neighborhoods in Singapore as it has excellent dining, shopping and recreational facilities. Its popularity has led many people to move here, so there are abundant housing facilities as well.

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