Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah is located at the Central Tanglin region of Singapore and is a short drive to the central business district, where many financial and commercial businesses are located. Moreover, the district boosts a large variety of plant and animal life compared to the other parts of Singapore. Because of its’ close proximity to the central business district and its’ boost of greenery, the land value is very high, making Bukit Timah District first choice of residence for many Singaporean high profile individuals and celebrities.

What Bukit Timah has to offer?

The district contains one of the most important parks in Singapore, the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve, which is open to visitors and those who would like to enjoy the nature. If you fancy a hike that you will always remember, or talk to your friends about your amazing mountain biking experience, this is the place to be. The park contains 40% of the nation’s animal and plant life, so always remember that you are witnessing a very special scenery, and that this park is always within your reach, provided you choose to live in Bukit Timah.

If you would like to enjoy a wide variety of activities, look no further. You could be a regular at the Bukit Timah Saddle Club, which spans an area of over 13000 square meters complemented by a lush tropical scenery. This club offers the widest range of equestrian facilities in Singapore and with children’s’ horseback riding training courses, it is both yours and your children’s, play ground. Champions Golf Course offers a serene environment, where you can golf with friends and practice or show off your swings. There are plenty of locations for your children; the most prominent being Fidgets, one of Singapore’s largest indoor playgrounds.

Let us not forget the importance of your children’s education. Due to high end development and high priced residential estates, Bukit Timah offers the best and most popular schools in Singapore.

If you find it, take it!

The condo and apartment prices in Bukit Timah seem to be resilient to the overall downtrend in the Singaporean property market. Even though home resale prices overall has fallen 0.3%, Bukit Timah property prices has shown an increase of $80,000 on average in resale value.

Due to the high demand for Bukit Timah properties and the continuing uptrend, sharing HDB flats by taking on a roommate seems to be an affordable option in order to enjoy the privileges of this very popular district.

Finding a roommate subletting in Bukit Timah however, seems to be a challenging task. A recent report released by the Housing & Development Board (HDB) shows that there has been less than 20 subletting transactions for the second quarter of 2014, for all types of HDB flats. Due to the low number of subletting transactions, the median subletting price for Bukit Timah were omitted in the report. It is however reasonable to assume after browsing subletting listings and taking the median subletting prices of other districts, that the subletting in Bukit Timah should be on average between $2500 to $2800 per month.

In summary, Bukit Timah continues to be a prominent district for investors due to the stubborn rise in property prices. When it comes to looking for a sublet, our suggestion is that if you would like to live in this district and you discover a room for rent, take it.

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Photo credits: Food Court by Scott Dexter – used under CC BY